What not to Wear in a Yoga Class

Is there a dressing code in yoga classes? And what could possibly go wrong? You’ll be surprised as to how wardrobe accidents can leave you…quite exposed! When you bend, twist, invert and all the rest that most yoga practices include, clothes can behave in unexpected ways. Moreover, what is very comfortable and practical in other types of fitness can be proven to be the exact opposite in yoga.

Wrong clothes for yoga

Women’s yoga clothing

  • See-through pants
  • Right. Being proud of your bottom is one thing. Exposing your bottom on someone else’s face is an entirely different story. Too much information ladies! Check yourselves in the mirror or have someone else you trust take a look (make sure it’s someone you really trust or you might end up getting pranked…never mind, do it yourselves!). Also, keep in mind that a fabric can get thinner after sometime of wearing and several cycles in the washing machine. You might even start seeing small holes and broken seams (assuming you are indeed washing your gym clothes frequently…).

  • Cleavage
  • Do I really need to explain that one? Keep your twins to yourselves…at least during yoga practice. Gravity will make them move, and they will eventually escape. You don’t need to cover up to your ears but testing the range of motion of your front movable chest parts prior the class is a good idea. In case you intentionally want to set them free, since clothes are just not a natural part of the human body, you can start looking for nude yoga classes; I came across that concept recently….hey , you can even start your own!

    Men in Yoga

    Loose, knee high shorts….with no underwear! The minute you spread out your legs, and trust me, you will need to…..boom! Princess Sophia and her guards, the Lion and its fluffy followers, or however you wanna call your privates will escape from the darkest depths of your shorts and wave hello to whoever is in the right angle. Same goes for the super tight, light coloured shorts that work as an x-ray of your….you know what! Forward fold, downward facing dog and many other postures will just make people around you feel uncomfortable…I think.

    Loose clothes

    You didn’t know. You went to a Yoga class wearing your favourite T-shirt and the minute you attempted that “dog who barks” or whatever that posture was called, the fabric wrapped nicely around your neck and mouth leaving the tummy exposed and no room to breathe. Oups. Yeah…loose T-shirts…not a very good idea. Hoodies either. Wear non elastic sweat pants and you might feel your butt crack peeping out while you “ease yourselves into the pose” as the instructor suggested.

    Other than that…you are safe. Enjoy your practice!