Yoga Classes & Workshops.

YOlga…my interpretation of Yoga

The name of my teaching style was given to me by my students…so…..YOlga simply stands for “Yoga with Olga”.
A session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes. The different postures flow from one to another and are presented in a slow and controlled manner. Even though there might be cases where it seems as if we are training to become acrobats of “Cirque du Soleil”, the core of the class can be followed by anyone; my oldest student is 86, so…no excuses! Everyone follows their own rhythm, modifying the postures to fit their body and needs. Above all, we keep our smile throughout the whole session & everyone leaves the room in a better mood than when coming in.

Yoga Classes and Workshops in Birmingham UK

What to expect in a Yoga class

All levels practicing together. Variations and adjustments for the beginners to feel safe and advanced to progress.
Flow of movement as you will move from one posture to another in a slow and controlled manner.
Transformation of how you look and feel. Better posture, stronger joints, increased coordination, stronger muscles, more flexibility and range of motion….

Who is Yoga for? Everyone!

Where you can join my group classes

I prefer to offer my regular group classes and workshops at Doug Ellis Sports Centre. I do,thought, from time to time teach in many of the large gyms in and around Birmingham (LA Fitness, Virgin Active, David Loyd’s, Bannantyne’s etc.).

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