3 Ways Acro Yoga Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Acro Yoga is a fusion of Yoga and acrobatics which attracts more and more enthusiastic yogis who want to fly and base. People who have never met one another before, find connection and practice impressive moves and sequences which many times looks like they came out of a circus performance. Is it just vanity and show off or is there something deeper that one can get out of this?

Acro Yoga Couple

I was first introduced to Acro Yoga a good few years back, got officially certified last year and started practising with my life partner a few months after we met one another. I can safely say it has changed our lives; to the better. And you know what? It’s not just us who have experienced the amazing effect of Acro Yoga in our emotional connection. Many couples around the world have turned into Acro ninjas not only for the opportunity to share an experience with their partner but also for the benefit it brings to the relationship itself. How? Here are three ways through which Acro Yoga can strengthen your relationship:

1. Acro Yoga teaches trust

It is amazing how little we trust and how difficult letting go for most of us is. “Don’t trust. You will get hurt” that little voice in the back of our head keeps whispering. Ignore it! Open your heart and trust. The benefits are well worth the risk. Let your partner lift you and once you overcome the fear it will feel like you are floating on clouds. Emotions go through our body and once our body learns to trust, our heart will follow.

2. No room for blame

It is easy to blame our other half whenever things don’t work out. Blame poisons relationships and it also reflects on how people work together during an Acro Yoga practice. A good instructor will guide you towards a completely different approach, where the two of you will work together to figure out how to move safely while achieving amazing things. You can be the coolest yogi with the most solid practice but none of those matter if you don’t “listen” to your partner’s body.

3. Builds solid foundations

There will be shaky moments. They are part of every relationship and it’s fine to have them. Don’t get disheartened, be patient and work together to find balance. The first steps to Acro Yoga and every time a challenging pose or transition is practised are going to feel shaky. Practice again and again, find your boundaries, overcome them, and not only will you achieve a cool move but you will have done it working together!

What are you waiting for? Grab your partner, find a certified Acro Yoga instructor and start now!