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Our story

I am a Certified Acro Yoga Instructor from Acroyoga Montreal, led by the very talented Jessie Goldberg and Eugene Poku.

My journey started when I was introduced to Acrobatics while living in Florida (USA). Four years later I joined Circus Dayz, the Circus School of Athens. My main practice included Aerial Silks, Trapeze and floor acrobatics. Influenced by the elegance, strength and artistry of Acrobatic Adagio Couples I decided to focus more on partner techniques.2010 was the first year of my journey to share my love for Acro Yoga. I kept practicing while organizing workshops.

I met Toms, my current Acro Yoga partner, in September 2011 and wasn’t long before we decided to start training together. You see, we both share the same passion for exercise as well as strong and elegant movement. Toms’ background in Competitive 4X Cycling and natural training (methode naturelle) gave him accuracy and speed of movement very rare for his height (1.95cm).

We started experimenting with AcroYoga in the beginning of 2012. Needless to say we had just discovered a great way to bring together our passion for movement. For Toms the world of Yoga was something new and together we found ways to discover what worked best for us. We quickly found our style and started offering workshops to anyone who wanted to get introduced to the method. We keep practicing discovering new ways of movement and transitions.

Acro Yoga Montreal Certified
“You are an amazing yoga teacher. Something new was to try acro yoga at your workshop. It was great! We can fly! Thank you!”

Acro Yoga Classes and Workshops Birmingham UK

Why join one of our workshops?

Where do I start from! Here are of the things you should expect:

  • Excellent trust building experience as you rely on your partner for support and help.
  • Gain confidence as you will discover that your body can do so much more than you thought.
  • Improve your communication patterns as the partners need to talk to one another, give and receive feedback towards achieving their goal.
  • The supported inversions decompress the spine in a way that is difficult to be achieved otherwise.
  • Increase hip flexibility and range of motion, element especially valuable for men who suffer from hip soreness.
  • Work on deeper muscle layers and overall coordination.
  • Have fun!

Upcoming Workshops in Birmingham

All the Birmingham based workshops until September are booked. Contact Me to be added in the waiting list.

You can browse pictures from our last “flying” event in Birmingham here.

Acro Yoga Classes and Workshops Birmingham UK

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