Pilates Classes & Workshops.

What happens in a Pilates course

Pilates Classes and Workshops Birmingham UK

  • ✓ We mainly work on the floor with no more than 10 repetitions for each exercise .
  • ✓ Men and women love it can completely transform the body.
  • ✓ You learn how to control your body and realise that the technique makes all the difference.
  • ✓ Your core gets stronger than ever protecting the spine and giving you a beautiful posture (stand proud!).
  • ✓ It helps in rehabilitation and of course works preventative against injuries. Dancers love it as it is one of the best ways to develop and maintain a strong, lean and flexible body….and…who wouldn’t like a dancer’s body!

    The sessions are an hour long…only; because if you are working correctly an hour is more than enough! Many of the exercises look like a regular abdominal workout. The secret, though, is in the correct execution and understanding of the technique.

    It’s not as easy as it looks…that’s why it works!

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