The main reason that got me into teaching Yoga and Pilates is to make a positive difference in people’s lives. The wonderful words from people joining my classes is the biggest gift I could possibly get.

Yoga – the best form of exercise…

Kerrie Haines Yoga Birmingham UK
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the lesson tonight, very relaxing, never have I felt so at one, hard to explain, my blood felt like it was running and flowing clean and strong threw my veins but really relaxing at the same time. You are a beautiful person & a very good teacher always a pleasure to take part. If I could only do one form of exercise again it would be yoga, thanks again!
Kerrie Haines – Birmingham, UK

Yolga – a whole new experience…

Anastasia Stathopoulou Yoga Birmingham UK
Finally! I found the work-out that suits me! That was my thought when I first met her at the gym. It was five years ago. “Olga Yoga”, I chose to wrote her name on my phone. I was so excited to find a teacher who knew exactly how to make me communicate with my body. We became friends instantly.Olga was meant to show me a whole different way of life! Working out became fun and her class a ceremonial party every week. I followed her through all of her work in different places and every time was a new experience for me.
She has a unique way to push you to go harder and overcome your limits…all that with a smile and graceful persistence! The word “impossible” doesn’t exist in her lessons, even for exercises that only Yogi do.I still haven’t figured out how she manages to turn everything into fun. Sadly for me, she moved from Greece to England and although I tried, I have not found yet a yoga teacher like her.
I still have her tiny voice in my head when my posture at the office is bad… “straighten your back and don’t forget to breath!” When I am asked which type of yoga she teaches, I think the most suitable answer is….well YOLGA ,for as I’ve already said ,she has a unique way to put her sign in everything!
Anastasia Stathopoulou – Athens, Greece

Every guy should try Yoga…

Pete Whale Outdoor Yoga Birmingham UK
I am approaching my 50th birthday next year so not getting any younger ! I have been into physical fitness as long as I can remember but never tried yoga. I like a challenge so thought I would give it a go last year. Some mates that I train with in the gym have also given it a go.
What do I like about Yoga? Personally I have found many benefits namely core strength, flexibility, balance and a better understanding of my body. I enjoy Olga’s style of teaching, the explanation is clear and challenge us to try different poses and explore more. Some poses I would not have believed I could do however I have challenged myself to have a go and succeeded.
Finally, I used to be a local football coach as my kids were growing up. Now I combine weights, spinning and yoga as I find this a good mix of strength, flexibility and CV training.
Would I recommend Olga’s class ?  Yes I have and still do it’s excellent. The only issue for me is that it’s only twice a week.”
Pete Whale – Birmingham, UK

Yoga can be so much more…

Mary Hill Yoga Birmingham UK
My inspiration comes in words when I picture the tall, lady with long black hair entering the room of my old fitness club: yoga is stretching as I was aware, yet what I didn’t know was that yoga may also be a form of dance, smooth step by step moves, performing a ritual under the easy music tone and yet calm voice of instructions… Easy for this talented lady, harder for the students to follow but sincerely magical in the end…feeling rejuvenated, at ease and ready for more! Thank you for these precious moments Olga!
Mary Hill – Athens, Greece

Taking control of my own body…

Diana Hinova Yoga Birmingham UK
Falling in love with yoga and Olga 🙂 It happened almost two years ago when I tried yoga for the first time in my life. I visited one of the yoga classes at Doug Ellis Sports Center where Olga teaches and I really fell in love with it. I am glad that she was my teacher as she was very confident and had a great attitude in everything she was doing. Olga is an awesome teacher as she has a deep knowledge of what she is teaching and adjusts to the different levels and temperaments of the students. I think practice under her guidance will help students understand the learning processes involved. She uses a great way to transfer the authority to the students and help them understand the principles of practice. She helped me adjust my body and develop my skills so I could take control of my own health and personal growth. So that’s how it all happened…I was in love at first practice.
Diana Hinova – Sofia, Bulgaria

Teaches commitment – life changing…

Steve Thachet Yoga Birmingham UK
It was the best decision ever to have taken up yoga. Especially when you are in college with the stress that comes with classes and assignments, doing yoga made life easier. Olga was a great instructor and committed to the art. This made all the difference. She was there with us all the time and saw to it that the workout was challenging enough for us beginners yet got our muscles and joints moving. 
I used to go to the gym four times a week and usually my body ached and the joints got stiff. Twice in a week I practiced yoga to stretch myself. It really helped to loosen the muscles and improve my flexibility.
Olga is a wonderful person and friend. She is helpful and committed and seeing her dedication in yoga made me go to her sessions. I have never seen her miss any of session even when the deadline to submit her thesis approached. It maybe that yoga helped her to be so calm and controlled.
Steve Thachet – Vienna, Austria

One of the best trainers…

Efi Tsiara Acro Yoga Birmingham UK
Olga is one of the most experienced trainers I have ever met, and I have met a lot! It was with her that I got introduced to yoga and eventually fell in love with it! Her descriptive style makes it easy even for the absolute beginners to follow, and the variety of positions she proposes make her session really pleasant… in a magical way, she takes you one step further every single time and makes you feel proud of what you have achieved!!
Efi Tsiara – Larisa, Greece

Inspired by the instructor…

Samyukta Yoga Birmingham UK
Tuesdays and Sundays were what I used to wait for and it was because those were the days we had Olga’s yoga classes. I must say, it has helped me a lot. Flexibility is something that I have seen a tremendous improvement in. Apart from being fit, yoga has helped me in being more patient and calm! After joining Olga’s classes, I am addicted to yoga! Her being so fit and active motivated me to pursue yoga even after I left England. They say you enjoy a class only when your trainer is as inspiring as the sport/art. Olga has definitely lived up to that statement and inspired me to practice yoga forever. Thank you Olga.
Samyukta Surendra – Bangalore, India

A level for everyone in a soft cloud of music…

Chris Oreinos Yoga Birmingham UK
I still remember, and in fact miss, those Wednesday late-evening Yoga classes with Olga. I was looking forward to those Yoga classes since they always seemed fresh to me; and refreshed is how they made me feel at the end of the practice. They felt fresh as Olga would adjust the level and the pace of the practice (and even the positions of the students in the room) to best suit her audience or just the style of the practice she would choose for the day. Of course, even if she opted for an “easier” practice, she would always push the boundaries here and there, challenging the more experienced yogis! Raising the bar wasn’t hard for Olga, after all; her super flexible body and the ease with which she would practice those deep asanas were always motivating for me to go a bit deeper and explore more of my own practice. The icing on the cake, if I may say, was the wonderful music which Olga chose for her classes. That was “proper” great composer’s music and not some repetitive synth-like notes.
Chris Oreinos – Sydney, Australia

Builds your confidence…

Rachael Baker Acro Yoga Birmingham UK
Thank you so much for today’s class and partner workshop Olga. It was really interesting to experiment and see how differently our bodies work when we work together. Most importantly, thank you for being so supportive and encouraging, and helping me to have confidence in my ability. Love and light x x x

So glad I came today Olga, I was so tired I thought about cancelling, but it was just what I needed. Every class I do, I can do that little bit more. Thank you x x Rachael Baker – Birmingham, UK

The Yoga instructor who inspired me to become one myself…

Olga PapadopoulouYoga Birmingham UK
Almost everyone goes through a phase in life looking for the things that will feel really fulfilling. I was doing exactly that, experimenting, almost six years ago, when I decided to join a yoga class. The place was a dance studio in my neighborhood. The instructor, a tall, fit, girl, who was called just like me; Olga. From the very first session I felt wonderful, not really been able to tell why. Olga’s way of teaching and her sessions in general would make you feel connected, better understand what your body was doing, and had a deeply therapeutic effect. The more I kept going back, the more I could feel the benefits. Olga’s excellent knowledge for the subject and ability to cover everyone’s individual needs would seamlessly go through our bodies in a very harmonic way. It was a complete teaching combining effectively elements of strength, correct alignment of the asanas (poses) and deep relaxation. Olga’s sessions were the ones which planted the seed of Yoga in me. Under her guidance, I enrolled to a teacher training program, and I now teach Hatha Yoga aiming to be able, at some point, to do it full time. It is very important to have the right teachers who will give you a solid basis to build your own practice. I consider myself very lucky that my first teacher was my sweet Olga, and I would like to thank her through the depths of my heart; because Yoga is not just exercising…it is something much more! Namaste.
Olga Papadopoulou – Athens, Greece
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