Play like a kid!

When we were kids we used to play a lot. We used to run, jump, hide, shout and even push one another. We weren’t scared of falling. We didn’t care whether we’d sweat. We couldn’t care less about getting our clothes dirty (mom sort of cared when she had to wash them). Nothing could stop us!

Kids Playing

Picture: my childhood has been full of games. Here, in a cycling “competition” with the neighborhood kids. Can you tell who I am?

Adult life

In the meantime we grew up. We are adults now. Well-behaved, driving a car, wearing suits, ties, high heels and going for a drink after work. Adults don’t run around barefoot. Grownups don’t chase one another. Adults don’t shout “catch me if you can” to one another. Adults don’t have bloody knees, scratched elbows and rough palms. Adults don’t wrestle for fun and compete on who can climb the highest tree.

Have we forgotten how to play? Have we forgotten how it feels like to have real fun? The rush of adrenaline while trying to climb that tree? The cheeks turning red while running outdoors and inventing new games with our friends?

Acro Yoga: our way to be like kids

My partner and I were home the other day practicing Acro Yoga. We ended up with me climbing on him trying to circle around as many times as possible without touching the floor. When we finally got exhasted he looked at me and said: “If my colleagues at work knew what we are doing during our free time they would think we are freaks!”. Right. Just because we are playing. Just because we are like kids a little bit more.

Acro Yoga in Birmingham
Acro Yoga at The Cube

Pictures: We like to take our Acro Yoga adventures outdoors. Here, at The Cube, right in the heart of Birmingham, UK.

Want to get fit? Follow a child!

It’s not that people don’t move any more. The gyms are full! Zumba, Tuba, Iron Man, Super Woman…so many classes especially designed for adults. What you should really try to test your fitness levels, though, is play with kids. Have you ever visited one of those parks with the inflated games? You can slide, jump, climb…Now, try to follow a kid’s rhythm.Here is how to do it:

  • Climb up several meters, slide down with excitement and jump up and down happy for your achievement.
  • Run back to the base of the stairs, climb up, slide down, jump, run and keep doing that for half an hour.
  • Drink a bit of juice. Go to the trampoline. Jump like there is no tomorrow.Do it for half an hour.
  • Try to talk to your friends every now and then…don’t be antisocial!
  • Now, go to the monkey bar. Hang upside down. Try to make funny shapes with your body, push up, grab with your knees, sit, anything counts.
  • Now drink some more juice and do it all over again. Are you exhausted?

    Why not be a bit more like kids sometimes? Do different things. Try new activities. Play more!

    Happy adventures!!!