My Back Hurts!

I have spent many hours of my life sitting on a chair. Quite ironic for a person that loves movement, a yoga instructor, a dancer and so on. I am also a Marketer and the office is the place where I mainly work from.

Avoiding Back Pain

In almost every place I have worked at, the phrase that would often catch my attention was: “My back hurts” coupled with “I am really suffering from back pain for years now” or “Once, it was so bad I had to have painful injections and couldn’t move for a month!” Sounds familiar? After all, if we all suffer together it doesn’t count, right? Wrong!

The worst is that we all know what needs to be done. Our doctor has told us, the specialists say so and it’s on every health/wellbeing relevant article: straighten your core. Simple….straighten your core!

No no no no….office people don’t have time for that. Office people hate working out. Office people get respect from being in pain from sitting on their butt…sorry, on their office chair too much. The equation goes like this: working long hours means working hard, equals gaining status.

My point of view is very different. I want to have a healthy mind and excellent performance but I also want to have a healthy body, pain free. Why on earth would I want to suffer and be in pain?

I know that for many of you out there, exercising is not a way of life. You might even be one of those who hate it with passion for different reasons (then you probably came across this post by accident, because someone made you read it, or because your back hurts and Dr. Google told you this is the stuff you should be reading).

What if you think about it logically? The same way you eat, sleep and shower (you do shower, right?) you have to do your exercise routine. Heck; you might even find out that it is not so boring. Bonus!

Be creative. Try different classes or instructors until you find what you like, or at least choose something that makes you feel less miserable. By the way, Zumba is not a core strengthening class neither is extreme beer drinking contest to see how much your belly can stretch.

Therefore, you need to make your choices.

  • Choice 1: Sit and suffer. Hey, you can even enrol to the “who is suffering the most” contest.
  • Choice 2: Move! You might actually discover that you are feeling stronger and more energetic. God forbid, who wants to be like that?!

What would you chose?